Doggy guest #6, Buster

Meet Buster the Japanese Chin!

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Buster was here from Sat til Tues and what a doll baby. He settled in pretty well.  He walked well on the leash and loved to sit on my lap. Also, Chins are spinners…they are constantly spinning in a circle, and in Buster’s case, always right turns. It makes you very dizzy watching this, lol.

I am also offering my clients a framed print of their dog when they pick them up.

This is what I have on my Dog site;

“Pet Photography on the spot! We humans take pictures of our vacation, why shouldn’t your dog have memories of his or her stay here? I’ll take photos of your dog while you are away. A framed, 5 x 7 photo will be available to buy for just $10, when you and your dog are reunited.”

I ordered 10 frames online. I printed 2 photos, since I could not decide which one I liked better. I had the 2 photos framed and right in the entry way when Buster’s mommy arrived and she bought both of them! Cha Ching….

My next doggy guest arrives this Thurs and is staying for 15 days and I will have my camera at the ready.

Stay tuned….



4 thoughts on “Doggy guest #6, Buster

  1. What a beautiful dog! Don’t know that I’ve seen one before? Him standing at attention on the sofa back is a really good photo! And, it’s great to see you and see you looking happy 🙂

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