Doggy Guest #5, Marley

So this little sweetie just stayed with me for 6 days……

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Marley is an 8 year old Shih Tzu and he was a perfect guest.

We all had a great time. Marley is also coming back for 3 weeks in Sept, while his mommy goes to Europe.

I have another new dog coming this weekend for 4 days, then, 2 days later,  another dog coming for 16 days. Then I have some family coming to visit me for the first time in mid Aug, which I am very excited about!

This sure has been a learning experience. I am loving getting to know the different dogs and breeds. I am also working on how to incorporate my photography into to the pet sitting. We humans takes photos of our vacation, so I think it would be nice for the parents to have photos of their dog on vacation too.

I am also excited that due to all the doggy guests, I will be able to purchase a much needed shed in the fall, cant wait!

While my doggy guests are here, I don’t really go out, or at least not for very long so I didn’t do much this past weekend and I wont do much this weekend either. That’s OK though…I am working on paying down my debt so I can enjoy more things in the future.  If things continue the way that are going to so far, I see some nice vacations coming up…

Stay tuned for the next guest story…





4 thoughts on “Doggy Guest #5, Marley

  1. Really cute, and you’ve given me a definite idea. I have a home in a small town which has events several times a year, bringing in people from all over. Offering the doggy daycare is something I’m going to look into.

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