1 Year in New England

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I cant believe that’s its been 1 year since I sold my house, all my furniture, 1/2 of belongings and moved 3 states away!

And what a year it has been! I cant believe how much I have done and seen in my first year here!


* Making my little house a home, a little bit at a time.


* Joining the Rocky Point Pacers walking meet up group and walking twice a week at a beautiful park on the water(so much water here!), and making some great new friends. We walk about 4 miles each day.



The Arch at Rocky Point Some of the ladies in the Rocky Point Pacers and
our mascot Lucas!


The water view at Rocky Point

* Waterfire…Visit me in the summer so you can experience it for yourself!


* Attended some really great art festivals

* Antique shopping with my cousin

* 2 fun visits from one of my sisters.

* Walking Casey to the beach when ever the sun was out!


* Checking out the local bands and listening to some great music

* Walking with neighbors in the neighborhood

* Going to Veterans events with my 93 year old uncle Norman, who served in WWII


* Visits from family and friends from home

* Visited the ER(not a highlight, more like an experience), everything is fine.

Things I have learned;

* New England weather is unpredictable


* Living near the beach is so peaceful!


* There is so much to see and do in this small state. Here is list of a lot of my experiences here so far https://www.pinterest.com/lynnealbright/my-rhode-island-experiences/

Plans for the future;

Excited for 2 sisters and niece to visit in Aug!

Excited for some friends from home who are visiting as well.

I finally took a step towards making some extra money and I am now listed on a pet sitting site. Wish me luck. I will definitely keep you posted!

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