Everything is a learning experience

I recently wrote about wanting to run an Airbnb in my house. I have since deleted that post because I am not going to do it now.

After talking to some people and doing a lot research online, here is what I learned;

  1. Regular homeowners insurance really doesn’t cover you when you are charging someone to stay in your home.
  2. Business insurance or Landlord Insurance is recommended instead of homeowners, which is more expensive.

Here is the website that I found very helpful;


I am not sure what the people out there, who run an Airbnb are doing,  but since it’s just me, who owns this house, I can not take the risk.

I am very bummed about this as I was getting the house ready and looking forward to meeting new people and making some extra money to help pay down my debt.

At least my house is feeling more like a home, with the things that I have done recently. All of my throw rugs now match, I have end tables and lamps in my living room, I got one of my photos enlarged for over my sofa, and a neighbor gave me some “beachy” decorative items.

20180204_131901 20180204_131826

On another topic, I cant believe that I have been here for 9 months already! I have met some great people and am making new friends.

I have been trying to keep track of everything that I have done and seen here since I moved here. Here are some of places I have been to so far;


My first winter here has been interesting, temps as low as 0 degrees, 14 inches of snow, high winds and ice, gotta love it….NOT. Cant wait for Spring!!!

Speaking of Spring, and beyond, I have an extra bedroom for visitors, to stay for FREE! So let me know if you would like to relax at the beach or see some of the great places this little state has to offer. I make a great tour guide!










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