Doggy B&B is now open!

I am so excited…I just had my first dog sitting client, only 2 weeks after I was approved on

I was also surprised to get 2 bookings right away and a 3rd….soon after…from a friend of mine here.

I am offering to board dogs, take dogs for the day and do house visits. I am only going to take small to medium dogs since I have a large dog of my own.  And I will only take 1 dog at a time when I do day care or boarding.

If the dog and owner are local to me, I have them come over to my home so we can all meet. But today’s doggy was from out of town, so we could not meet prior.

Today, Beau was dropped off for the day. A very cute, 7 year old, 9 lb poodle. I was also told that Beau was a lapdog. Boy were they right! The owners were from Illinois, and in town due to their daughter graduating college. The needed someone to watch their dog for the day while they went to the graduation and out to lunch..


Thank god my dog is so great with other dogs, she is so sweet and laid back.

Beau-the-lapdog was nervous for a while, which was to be expected. He stood on my lap, with his front paws on my arms. It took him about 2 hours to lay down on my lap.  This made doing my job challenging. He also barked whenever he heard a noise, which was fun while I was on the phone with clients.  Luckily, my clients were understanding.

When the owners arrived to pick up Beau, he was so excited to see them, he practically jumped out of my arms.  I informed them of how well our day went and they surprised me with a $5 tip.

So all and all, a great first experience. My next client is a dog that will be staying with me for 6 days. Stay tuned….



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