Happy New Year??

The start of a new year is exciting to me.  A new beginning.

January has left the gate in a furry!

My first winter brought 14 inches of snow and record breaking low temperatures, of 0-10 degrees, for about 14 days straight.


Now, warm temps, around 50 degrees, wind and rain have melted most of the snow, at least for now.

I forgot that during those extremely low temps, you should start your car at least once a day. So, my car battery died. I am not 100% sure but I think it might have been the original battery in my 2008 car. Cost  $140 and they give me $ back when I take my old battery back to them

The laptop, that I bought back in 2010, had a warning pop up that my battery was at the end of its life so I got a new laptop…cost $567.

Ok, so now for the big one…

This morning, at 6am, my cable stopped working and then I noticed that the stove clock wasn’t on and a couple other outlets weren’t working. Otherwise, I had power to about 2/3rd of the house. This was very weird. I asked a neighbor if he was having any cable issues and he said no. He came over to see if he could do anything. He decided to turn my main power breaker off and it wouldn’t go back on!!!!

Now what??

I called a plumbing/heating guy who has also done some electrical work for me in the past. He changed out the main breaker and got power back to most of the house, but the same problem was happening before I lost all power. Cost  $280!!

Turns out that my meter box out side was in really poor shape and my circuit panel inside, which was very old, really needed to be upgraded. Had a master electrician, that the other guy  highly recommended, come and do all the work. Cost  $1500!!

OLD 26730950_10212506534152280_6918865915032438797_n      NEW 26731339_10212506534472288_1595190243846332814_n

Are we having fun yet????

Is there a money tree in the back yard that I don’t know about????

It’s only Jan 13th!!!!!!!!!!!

I want a do over for the last 2 weeks….

Thank you, that is all.



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year??

  1. Ah, the joys of home ownership. Been there, done that. I’m surprised your home inspector didn’t pick up on the electrical. It will be safer now and check with your homeowner’s insurance to see if new electrical will get you any kind of price cut. My battery on my notebook is at it’s end, but I don’t want to replace this one yet. I’ll just buy a new battery.


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    1. A new battery on my computer would have been $100 and a new charging cord would have been 50. The computer was 10 years old so it was time anyway. As far as the homeowners insurance I will check that out, thank you for the suggestion. You’re not the first person who said that. Also the inspector found other things electrical but you can never know what the future holds and this was a problem that happened after the fact. But you’re right it is peace of mind it was all done.


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