Where did the summer go?

It’s been a while since I have written. I lost track of time. I have been so busy enjoying the summer. Where does the time go?

Let me recap;

We had really good weather throughout August, so tried to be outside whenever I could.

I have been walking a lot with a meetup group. We walk Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights at a beautiful park near me called Rocky Point. Its right on the water, and so peaceful. The group isn’t too big, we have had anywhere from 2-12 people each time. It’s been nice walking, talking and getting to know each other. I am making new friends!

Rocky Point used to a be an amusement park back in the day. A really huge staple in Rhode Island. I feel sad for the native Rhode Islanders who miss it. It was destroyed by hurricanes.  This summer, they put up great signs near some of the more prominent things that were there such as; the Olympic size salt water pool where they had Olympic trials, the main arch , which was the entrance to the park, the pier, which I am hearing that they are going to rebuild next year.



They hold a lot of events there like Movies in the park, live music and food truck nights. It’s such a great place and only 5 minutes from my house.

I also walk with a neighbor on Sunday mornings.

I walk my dog down by the water, weather permitting. On really nice days, I let her go in the water. If that happens, I have give her a bath when we get home to wash off the salt water.

I have also joined my 92 year old uncle, who is a WWII vet, to a couple more veterans events. God bless these men and women who served our country.

I have seen couple local bands perform. I love live music. The Senders, who have been together for decades and Heavy Rescue, an all fireman group. Great music!

I also went to Colt State Park. Another beautiful park on the water.


And then saw Blythwood Estates;


I replaced my hot water heater, which was money I did not want to spend. But it’s part of the whole  “home owner” thing unfortunately.

And I had to replace my cell phone…let me explain…

So I went to Newport  to tour one of the mansions, The Breakers, which was the Vanderbilt Mansion. WOW, unbelievable to say the least. I never saw so much marble! What really struck me was how, in each bedroom, there was a different marble fireplace and every piece of furniture in the room, bed tables, dressers, dressing table, coffee tables, etc., had the matching marble tops that was on the fireplace. Such detail.


After seeing the mansion, we walked the Cliff Walk. This a really great path along the water, where you can see the back side of all the big mansions and enjoy the waves crashing on the rocky edge.

This is where my day changed….let me explain…

Unless you live under a rock, you know about all the hurricanes that have been plaguing our country recently. Now they haven’t hit my specific area directly but we have experienced the residual winds and rain. “The sea was angry that day my friends”(did you catch the Seinfeld reference?) and the waves were really giving us a show.

So we were walking on the path and I was stopping to take some shots of said waves crashing on the rocks and…..I didn’t see a really big one until it was too late.

Needless to say, I got DRENCHED head to toe!!!! Like I had jumped in the water. All I could do was laugh when passers by saw this unfold. And luckily, it was 70 degrees so I didn’t freeze.

I was most concerned with my good camera, which seemed to continue to work at the moment. Then my cell phone, which was in my Vera Bradley fabric backpack, got wet. Now, this normally wouldn’t have been a huge problem but I recently cracked the screen so the moisture got in the phone and boy oh boy, it went crazy. Flipping from screen to screen rapidly so you couldn’t click on anything.

I tried the rice trick and the next day, the phone seemed fine. The 3rd day, it went back to crazy mode and so now I have a new phone. UGH! Luckily, I have insurance so it wasn’t a fortune to get said new phone and they sent me the next version up so it was a plus.

Here are some of the photos I got before and after being soaked;


It has been an adventure so far since I moved here and I cant wait to see what else I can find and  experience.

Meeting new people, seeing new things, living a new life. It’s refreshing. Lets see what fall brings…I am so looking forward to seeing the fall New England foliage!



12 thoughts on “Where did the summer go?

  1. I am so glad you got back on and blogged. I have been wondering how you are. It is so interesting how you can care about someone you have never met just by reading what they write on their blog. It sounds like you found the perfect home.

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  2. HI Lynn: I like reading about all your new adventures, sounds exciting to me.
    Looks like you made a good choice in making the move you made. Wishing you the best.


  3. I love to see your photos! You have such an eye for taking great shots. I am happy to see you thriving in your new home and making friends. I look forward to some great foliage shots!

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  4. Meet Up is a simple way to get to know a group with a similar interest, isn’t it? I signed up for a walking group this summer, but it met at 6 in the evening and most of the initial days were 90+ degree heat. I live in a densely populated urban area and finding places to walk without traffic is a challenge.

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