Sept/Oct happenings

Wow, time is flying! October is 1/2 way over already! Fall is beautiful in New England! I don’t have any pictures yet, but should soon when the leaves will be at their peek.

In the mean time, I had something amazing happened with my blog last week.

I posted my story and the link to my blog on a facebook page with over 25,000 female members from all over the world. That day I got over 4800 views, the next day over 500, the 3rd day over 100. That’s more views in 3 days then I have gotten in a year!

I got a some nice feedback and a couple new followers too.

Now I need to learn how to monetize my blog.

Also, I am working on a fun photography business idea so more will follow about that soon.

I continue to walk twice a week, 2 miles each time, with a meetup group and once a week with a neighbor.

I went to my very first Renaissance Fair, which was fun. This is the last time I was able to use my old Kodak camera before I put it to rest.


Last night, I went to vision board class for the first time, which was fun, check out my board;


Another new thing I did was accompany my 92 year old uncle in the Columbus Day Parade. Sadly, it rained but the parade still went on.

18 WWII vets road in the back of a float and 5 more rode in antique Cadillac’s behind the float. All family member walked behind the float as well. Thank god we all had umbrellas! My uncle is at the far right. Almost everyone was in their 90s.


And for those of you who read my earlier blog about me losing my camera to a really big crashing ocean wave, I have gotten a new camera. I was loyal to Kodak all of my life but I just couldn’t find one I liked now. So I reluctantly switched to Nikon.

The parade pictures were taken with the new Nikon camera and so were the following photos as well;


So that’s what I have been up to for the last 3 weeks. Still exploring my new state and having fun along the way.

Stay tuned…..


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