Little updates

Lately, my posts have been updates about what’s new with my home and what I’ve been up to in and around my new town.

Well, things have gotten a little quiet so I haven’t written anything recently.

But no news is good news…right?

I painted my bedroom.

I have been walking with the meet up group.

I have been hanging out with my cousin who lives here and visiting my uncle.

I visited with some cousins from the other side of the family at an amazing beach house in CT.

Today I went to an antique car show by myself. I tried to find someone to go with me but no one was able so I went by myself. Something I don’t like doing but I forced myself to go alone.

It was raining but it was still cool.

I have been also talking to a new friend about a possible new venture so stay tuned to see if I actually go through with it.

I still cant believe I live here. I sort of still feel like I am in transition…like I am away at college or something. Not sure when it will feel like home yet.

Until next time, try  new things and get outside your box…

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