Busy, Busy, Busy

It’s been 9 days since my last post and I have been so busy!

The handy man came back and hung the TV in my bedroom, hung a cabinet over my toilet, and fixed a down spout outside.

I had an electrician come and put a light in my very dark entry way, fix an outdoor outlet, replace an outdoor light and he put in a circuit for my new air conditioner mentioned below. About 2/3rds of my house is on 1 circuit, something I am sure I will have to look into another time.

I bought a small can of paint to test the color and I love it. I used the whole can and I was able to paint wall done in the kitchen so far. I need to buy 2-3 gallons to do the rest of the kitchen, living room and a hallway. I am painting everything this Sat with my cousins help. After I paint, then I can unpacks some more boxes and hang more on the walls.

I ordered a screen/pet door from Lowes and they are installing it later this month.

I am going back to the DMV tomorrow to register my car. I got my new license today!

I went to see a new Doctor and I like her.

I took my dog to a new Vet who I really like as well.

The things I ordered last week, the kitchen cart, a bench for my entryway and a sofa bed for my spare room, all arrived and look great.

I started hanging some pictures in the rooms that I am not painting.

I got a really nice table for the back yard for free from my cousin, I just need chairs.

The weather here has been crazy! Rain, wind, fog, sun..it cant decide what it wants to do. But there was 2 days of 94 degrees and me and my doggy were melting.

So I ordered an air conditioner and it came today, hence the new dedicated circuit.

My new kitchen table and chairs arrived today.

I also got 2 wicker love seats, a coffee table with storage and an end table today for FREE and in great shape. My uncle’s neighbor was getting rid of it and offered it to me!

Its’ like Christmas, Chanukah and my birthday all in 1 day.

So that’s all the house related stuff…I have also been very busy socially.

I met a neighbor and we have walked together twice so far,

I joined a meet up group of ladies who walk every Tues and Thurs and I met 2 of the ladies last Thurs. We went to a fun food truck event and listened to some live music.

I went to a veterans event with my cousin and her father/my uncle who is 92 and a WWII vet.

My cousin and I have seen a couple of local bands, Heavy Rescue, made up of all fire fighters and Brass Attack, a 9 piece band who plays all really great music you can dance to…even though I don’t dance, I still really enjoy listening.

I also went to a wine tasting run by a wine expert who was so informative.

I cant wait to share the before and after photos of everything that I have done since I moved in. Shouldn’t be long now so stay tuned…




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