Getting stuff done!

So I have been in my new house for one month. I have accomplished a lot in the last 2 weeks since my last blog;

Inside the house, I got new bedding so now I can choose a paint color for my bedroom.

I contacted a handy man to hang my TV on the wall since I don’t have any room for another piece of furniture to put the TV on.

I met with a designer to help with paint colors and I also ordered 2 really cute cube ottomans for my living room. I needed more seating other then my very little sectional.

I got a really cute new shower curtain with a beach theme and some new pillows for the sofa.

I got a rug and an umbrella for my little deck.

I found a new Dr for me and a vet for my dog.

I also braved the DMV and got my new license. I stupidly forgot my title to my car so I will have to back to register my car. They were nice enough to give me a fast pass to get to the front of the line when I go back.

I will definitely post before and after pictures of the rooms when every room is done.

I have been walking the dog to the beach almost every day and seems happy to get out of the house and explore her new neighborhood.

I met a neighbor to walk with as well. On a mission to get healthier.

I am expecting some deliveries this week… I ordered a kitchen cart, a bench for my entryway and a sofa bed for my spare room. Got to have a place for my friends and family to sleep when they come to visit.

More things on the to do list;

Paint the living room and kitchen

Hang all my canvas photos

Unpacking more boxes

Get a kitchen set

Find a dentist

Find a gynecologist

Just to name a few.

More to come so stay tuned…

9 thoughts on “Getting stuff done!

  1. You sound like my best friend. She just can’t get comfortable until everything is in place, decorated, etc. Me? I have a very high tolerance for good enough. Been in my current house for almost a year and haven’t even hung the pictures up. May never get around to it, but my kids are use it.

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