Settling in…

I have now been in my new house for 2 weeks and I have gotten a lot accomplished but I still a lot to do too.

I got a new bed, dresser, sofa, refrigerator, washer and dryer. I got new car insurance, pet insurance, set up an oil delivery and maintenance contract.

I have unpacked a lot of boxes but have a bunch to go still but I want to paint 3 rooms before I unpack everything. I hired a decorator from the furniture store where I got my furniture from and she’s going to help me with paint colors and some design ideas.

Today my real estate agent, who helped me find my house, came over today bearing gifts and took the infamous photo..

She also got me a personalized address stamp as well which is not in the picture.

I cried a little during the exchange, moving was such a big deal for me and I did it!

I also registered on a website called Next Door where you can meet your neighbors that have also registered. Several people have welcomed me to the neighborhood and I started some conversations with three people. I am now walking with a girl on Sunday and going to a parade with another girl on Monday. I am very excited to meet new people and make new friends.

Also, I’ve been walking the dog on nice weather days and we get stopped a lot by people admiring Casey and that starts the conversation. So it’s another great way to meet people.

So so far, so good here at the new house. Casey has settled in well and is sleeping through the night and so am I actually as well.

Once the paint is up and I start decorating the rooms I can start posting before and after pictures. So stay tuned…

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