I am finally in my new home!!

Both settlements went smoothly, in fact, I made money at my settlement of my new house. That was a nice surprise!

May 2, closing at my old house

May 2-7, I stayed a with one sister, while my dog stayed at another sister, long story but it was just more convenient this way.

Mat 7-11, With my car packed to the gills of the things I will need right away and for 1 night, I drove to the town where my new house is (4.5 hours away) and stayed in a hotel. I wanted to be there a couple days early. I used to the time to work and to go to a couple of furniture stores to get some ideas before I moved in.

May 11, settlement on the new house!

May 11-16 I stayed in my new home, my POD with all of my belongings arrived, I ordered appliances and furniture, my mom and dad came to help unpack and to fix a couple things around the house. The electrician came to fix a couple of things. The cable company came so I am all hooked up!

ALL my stuff in a 7x7x8 POD! Thank god I sold and donated about 1/2 of my belongings and all of my furniture!

May 16-19 I had to come back to the area of my original home for some work meetings  so I stayed at my sisters again.

My dog stayed with my youngest sister from 5/1-5/19 and I only saw her once during that time. It was really hard and I missed her so much.

I am so grateful and appreciative to my family for all of their help during my transition from one house to the other.

May 19, me and my dog drove to our new home!

This was my dogs’ first long ride in her 12 years. She did really well and just laid down the whole time, even though it ended up being a 6 hour drive instead of a 4.5hr drive due to traffic!

We arrived and Casey walked and looked around the house and the back yard. I think she approves.


Our new house is a 6 minute walk to the beach so today we finally went to the beach! Casey has never been on a beach before and true to her demeanor, it didn’t faze her one bit. She got close to the water, got her feat wet, walked around the sand and then laid  down and just took in her surroundings.

My appliances arrive on Monday and I still have lots of boxes to unpack. I want to paint 3 rooms so I am holding off on fully unpacking until that’s done.

Some neighbors have come over to introduce themselves which made me feel good.

I am excited to make this house my own!

What was an idea to move last summer, is now reality! I sold my house and bought a new one, 4 states away, ALL BY MYSELF!!

Let my new life begin!!

9 thoughts on “I DID IT!!!

  1. I am in awe of you! Your courage is an inspiration. Be proud of this incredible accomplishment! Your own home, in a new state, and you did it all by yourself. I know good things are in store for you!

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