New England bound!

I closed on my house on Tuesday! I can’t believe it finally happened!

The plan to move was born in the summer of 2016, and it now it’s hear!!

I can’t believe that I did this… and all by myself!!

I sold or gave away over 1/2 of my possessions! Downsizing feels liberating!

I made some last minute fixes to my house and put it on the market.

I lived in a staged home for 3 months until it SOLD!!

The buyers wanted to close in 3 months! This ended up being a good thing in my case. I drove 4-5 times to my new destination, 4.5 hours away, to find a house. I saw lots of houses but nothing was working out. The market had picked up, especially in my price point. Houses were listed and sold with in days! Timing was crucial!

On my last trip, and 1 month till my house was closing, a cute house came on the market and I was the first to see it!  I made an offer right away! They accepted! Inspections were done, the deal was made! I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

Now I could really put things in motion. I sold all my furniture! Thanks to craigslist, offerup, letgo, and facebook, I sold a leather sofa, king size bed, armoire, bedside tables entertainment unit, coffee table, kitchen set, patio set, and some other smaller things.

I am left with an air mattress, a desk and all my personal belongings that I did not part with.  Makes moving a lot easier!

I hired Pods to move my stuff. Thankfully, a coworker/friend helped me load it. I could have NEVER done it myself! I got all my stuff in a 7’x7’x8′ container. They pick it up, store it and deliver it to my new destination. I had to fill it and will have to empty it myself as well.


In the first picture, you can see all the twine I used to secure everything. There are so many bungee cords and twine used to avoid any shifting. We will see how well it worked when my my pod is delivered on the 12th. I am envisioning cutting 1 string and everything exploding out like in a cartoon.

So I closed on my house this week but I don’t have settlement on the new house till next week so I am very fortunate to have family who took me and my dog in for time in between.  I am also thankful that my family has helped me throughout this whole process in various ways. From, encouragement to home repair to moving my stuff, storing my stuff. Their assistance has been so amazing and appreciated. I could have never done something like this with out them all. I can never thank them enough. I love you Mom, Joe, Suzy, Missy, Marci and Stephanie!

I am going to my new location, a couple days before settlement, and staying in a hotel, where I can work and shop for what I need and have everything delivered when I move in; a bed, a sofa, kitchen set, etc. Settlement is on Thursday so Friday will be a flurry of activity. I have the cable company, an electrician(a couple of issues found in inspection that the seller is crediting me to have fixed), and the POD all coming on Friday. My mom and dad are also coming for the weekend to help me as well. I am very fortunate to have family support.

So much planning and so many decisions made. My body and mind are tired. I am so looking forward to being in my new place and making it my own! Starting fresh, starting over.  It will be an adventure! Just me and my doggy exploring our new surroundings and making the best of our new life.

More to come so stay tuned….

6 thoughts on “New England bound!

  1. Congratulations! You will find as time goes on, that you are quite capable of doing even more things you didn’t know was possible. I ended up divorced two years ago, had to move 3500 miles with the last two teenagers still living at home. We bought a true fixer-upper, slept on air mattresses for a couple of months and learned to take care of just about everything, while on a pretty slim budget. Gloria

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