It’s just stuff…

I am selling my furniture for two reasons …The furniture is just a reminder of my life with my ex


It’s a lot less stuff to move.

So far I sold an entertainment unit with bookshelves and a coffee table, a patio set, 2 nightstands, a bench/mirror and my kitchen set.

I still am trying to sell an armoire, a leather sectional, and my king size, Tempur-Pedic bed.

I have not posted my bed yet because it’s nice to sleep on it until the last possible minute. I do have an air mattress I could sleep on if I have to.

I am using Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook to get the word out. Usually offer up has been successful for me but this time Craigslist and Facebook have gotten me some sales.

I am not attached to any of these things, it is just stuff. Just like when I had a big yard sale last summer of things that just weren’t important to me anymore. It’s nice to downsize, a lot less stuff to worry about.

I also think I’ve made a new friend from one of the sales. Very nice woman purchased the entertainment unit bookshelves and coffee table but sent somebody else to pick them up. We continue to talk on Facebook and have something in common so we are going to meet for lunch soon. She and I both went through the same experiences reguarding our ex-husband’s leaving us for other women after very long marriages. You never know who you’re going to meet in this world.

Speaking of my kitchen set, I have had that for 26 years. It actually felt good to let that go. But now my kitchen is so empty. I have no place to sit except on my couch with a little table to pull up if I want to sit down and eat something.

Once I sell my sofa, I could bring in two anti-gravity chairs from my deck and sit on them.
My intention was to save all the money that I make from selling all my furniture and buy new furniture with it when I reach my new destination. Well the best intentions don’t always end up how you meant them too. I am saving some of the money but I’m finding myself spending some now. Not frivolously of course, groceries, gas, essentials.

And an update on my new destination is… I still don’t have one. I have gone to the state that I am moving to three or four times now to look at properties. The market there is so incredibly fast that if it’s in my budget and decent it’s gone within a day or two and off the market. My next trip is in a couple weeks and hopefully I will find something. My house closes here on May 2nd so now I am starting to feel a little pressure. They’re definitely should be more on the market as we get closer to Spring but there will also be more competition as well.

I’m really looking forward to starting new in a new place with new furniture. I can do anything I want in my new home. I just need that place and everything will… fall into place.

4 thoughts on “It’s just stuff…

  1. You are right Lynne. It is just stuff. When we moved, I got rid of so very much, but it did feel good to downsize, as you said. Wishing you much luck in finding a new hime!

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  2. Anything that reminds you of the past…get rid of it. They’re just things and things can easily be replaced. I got rid of everything that was Losers, mine and Losers or things that Loser gave me. Have never regretted it. The only thing I didn’t get rid of was my children. They left on their own. 🙂
    BUT…’s hoping you’ll find the place of your dreams, your house will sell for boo-coo money and your new life is just around the corner!
    Sending hugs.

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