The search is over!!!

Yes, it’s true, I finally found and bought a house!

It only took; *3-4 months and  3 or 4 visits to the state where I am moving to and

tons of miles driven back and forth(4.5 hours away from my current home)

* tons of hours looking at homes online and emails back and forth with

my agent

* touring about 20-30 homes in person(after weeding out the ones

not worth seeing)

* 3 offers on 2 houses(long story) and losing the first 2

*Tons of  phone calls and encouragement from my sister

*LOTS of patience!!!!

But lets look at the bigger picture…

My cousin came up with the idea to move around summer of 2016 and I;

*sold or gave away most of my belongings and all of my furniture

*listed and sold my house in 3 months

*found a house to buy ALL BY MYSELF, in my budget, which was not easy!!!!

I am very proud of myself for accomplishing all of this in a relatively short amount of time. Less then a year!! But once I put my mind to something, I usually make it happen.

I have to give props to my agent Margaret, who sold my house, and the agent Mary, who helped me find a house. Two great ladies who I am lucky enough to also call my friends.

So now, it’s time to get organized! Closing is in May for both houses. I am mostly packed, except for daily living essentials. I also printed out a  “what to do and when you are moving list”  so I can stay organized.

I sold all my furniture, except for my bed, which I will list soon. It’s the same bed I shared with my ex so IT HAS TO GO!  It wont fit in my new house anyway.

I cant wait to get there and make it my own! I am thinking about a coastal theme since I will be so close to the water!

The new house is a 6 minute walk to the beach!!

Excited to start this new chapter of my life!!89bd561f8fb04b657d2c16041076f53al-m2xd-w1020_h770_q80





About HeLeftNowWhat

Single after 25 years. Trying to rebuild my life. My stories are about how it happened and what has happened since then. I hope my stories are helpful to those going through the same life experiences and interesting to all. send an email at
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7 Responses to The search is over!!!

  1. Congrats! What a wonderful accomplishment! And it’s a darling home! 6 min from the beach?! That’s amazing! Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 2bshameless says:

    that’s wonderful!!! you rock! Love your house and I wanna be that close to the beach!!!!!!!!


  3. Authoress51 says:

    That is awesome and really cute! I look forward to seeing inside pics when you decorate? How many beds/baths?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you. It has 2 bedrooms 1 bath. I can’t wait to get in there and set it all up just for me.


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