I sold my house!!!

In a little less then 3 months!

And I got a very good price as well!!

So now for the inspection, which should go well.

The buyers of my house cant close until 5/2, due to a lease that they are currently in so because of that, I countered  with a couple more thousand and got it!

I also made an offer on a really cute house in the new state I am moving to.

There were multiple offers before I made my offer and there is still an open house today. They are only accepting best and final offers, with no negotiation!

It’s a cute little cottage,built in 1915, in a beach town. It was totally renovated and it is move in ready!

So if get it, I would be moving in 2 months. If I don’t, then I have 3 months to find something else.

I would be going from a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. From 1300 sq feet to 900 sq feet.

I am not a fan of moving,  but after 25 years in this house, it’s time!!! Time to get rid of the last physical memories of the EX. I am not even taking any of the furniture with me. Starting fresh!

Moving will be bitter sweet. I do like this house and all the improvements that were made over the years. But I only moved here because of him.  Now I can go anywhere I want!!

Stay tuned for updates….



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