Buying and Selling

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am selling my house and moving out of state.


I have had my house on the market since the beginning of November. I sold or gave away 1/2 of my belongings, which was very freeing. The house is staged well, the price was perfect based on the comps.

I had over 20 showings in Nov and 3 offers but they were all too low. I countered all of them but no one pulled the trigger.

Speaking of showings…because I work from home and I have a dog, I can only show my house at night and weekends, so that has been challenging. My dog is loving it though, all those car rides!!

Since January 1 and have had a lot of showings since. I did lower the price by $5k and now I have some second showings.


The first week of December, I went to the state, where I am moving to, to see houses and neighborhoods. It was a very eye opening experience.

My buying budget is not very big and what I was finding, that fit in my budget, was old and needed a lot of work, which I wont have the extra money for big projects.

So I came home a little dejected. I needed reevaluate my budget and my prio.

I have been looking at houses online non stop. It’s like a full time job. I widened my searching radius in the state that I am moving to. I want to be close to my family that lives there but I also need to be able to afford my new place.

I have been looking at single family homes, Condo/townhouses and manufactured homes. There are pros and cons about each option. I don’t need anything big, it just needs to be clean and move in ready. I can handle paint and cosmetics but no construction at this time.

I am finally going back to see more houses and this time, I found nicer homes online that fit in my budget and am very excited to see them in person.

I NEED TO SELL MY HOUSE! I even buried a small statue of St Joseph, which is supposed to help.

I am also selling all of the furniture. I want to start fresh in my new place. No physical memories of my past. I will use the money I make to buy new things when I get to my new home.

I need the money from my house sale to put down on the new house. I do have the option of borrowing from my 401k to make the down payment and when I sell my house, I could pay back the loan.

I am very fortunate that I work from home for a company that is very understanding. So at least I will have a job still.

Time to make this happen!!! I am excited for my new life in a new place!!! This is my year!!!



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