Goodbye, my sweet kitty

Last night I did something very difficult. I took my cat to her new home.

I bought everything a cat needs, a new litter box, litter, food, food and water bowls and toys. I cleaned my litter genie and brought that too.  I didn’t want to new owner, Charlotte, to have to get anything to start.

Thank you to my dear friend who went with me for moral support.

So we brought the cat and everything in to Charlotte’s house. We set up the litter box and filled the food and water bowls. We put everything in her bedroom.  I took my cat out of the carrier and showed her the litter box and where the food and water was and let her down. Of course she was scared and she went under the bed right away. It happened so fast.

So I went over everything with Charlotte and told her that the cat would probably hide for while and to be patient.

Since I couldn’t reach the cat to give her one last hug, I hugged Charlotte, thanked her for taking her. I told her that I would call to see how it was going and that I would like to come back to visit before I move. She said that would be fine.

Since my cat was too far under the bed, I couldn’t give her a kiss or a hug. I hope when I go back for a visit, she is more relaxed in her new home.

As we walked back to the car, I started to get emotional and once in the car, I broke down…..hold that thought as I go get tissues.

Ok, I am back…

That was definitely one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. But sometimes life is hard. As long as the cat is safe and loved, that’s all that matters.

I will miss you Bebe. Thank you for your companionship. Thank you for the joy that you brought me. Thank you for your comfort and love when I needed it the most, especially during the last 2 and 1/2 years. Thank you for putting up with the 2 dogs and their rough play. You held your own and gave it back to them. Thank you for sleeping next to me every night.

It was so weird going to bed last night with out her, after 11 years. Something I will have to get used to.

Has anyone had to find a new home for a pet?

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, my sweet kitty

  1. It is sad yes…however, to go back to say goodbye after she has adjusted is wrong. You will cause her confusion and more heartache. She will think you came back to get her and you will walk out again. Let her be.


  2. I had a ferret that I got when he was only two months old. I took him for walks and we played hide and seek. He was my only companion.
    My daughter had a baby and being a firefighter (as well as her husband), meant that I would keep the baby until they could get on different shifts. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to the baby and “Cujo” so I had to give him away.
    The day after I gave him away, her husband got on another shift. 😦
    I will never have another ferret.

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  3. Oh, she’s so pretty!

    I had to get rid of our cats when we moved in with my mom. One of them went to a relative and he’s the only one I really worry about. The relative supposedly loves cats but he’s not that stable. The other two went to a friend’s house until she could find homes for them. Both of them are with families that love them.

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  4. I had to give my 10 year old cat, Firepie away after discovering she wanted to be the only cat. I gave her to my Ex – Husband who loves her. He lives in a condo and she has the run of it and all the attention. I really miss her but he keeps me updated.

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