Cleaning, Staging and Packing, OH MY!

Things are happening at a feverish pace;

The central air was installed last week.

A couple of plumbing issues were fixed yesterday.

Old ceiling fans have been replaced by new light fixtures.

Bay window sill, that the dogs gouged and stained over the years, has been sanded down and refinished.

Curb appeal has been done, mums in the pots, garden cleaned out, walk way was pressured washed, new welcome mat has been placed at the front door.

Storage area cleaned out.

Kitchen cabinets have been cleared out except for the essentials.

1 bedroom, out of 3, is totally cleared out and staged.


Still on the list;

All my possessions,  that I want to keep, but that don’t have to go with me immediately, need to be taken to a sister’s house. She has graciously allowed me to store my stuff there for the time being.

Clean out the shed in the backyard. There isn’t much in there but it still needs to be done.

Continue to pack and stage the rest of the 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.


I am determined to list my house by 11/1 as I have promised my realtor.


Did I mention that I am doing all of this on my own? Except for the electric, plumbing and air conditioning, it’s all me. I am very proud of myself for everything I have accomplished so far. A lot still to do, but I am determined to get it done!

Anyone else single handedly preparing for a big move?



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