Something big is about to happen

It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

My house went on the market on 11/ much work went into getting my house ready to show and it looks like it paid off. I have had 16 showings since then and 1 offer so far.

This is all very exciting. I am very proud of myself for doing all of this on my own. I am usually nervous about new things and this a big new thing. But I am am feeling pretty calm about all of this. My mom says it’s because I am ready for it, emotionally, mentally. I guess she is right. Moms are very smart.

So now I am working on finding a new place to live in a new state. Originally, I was going to move in with family but it turns out that I can afford to buy a house where I am going.

I have already spoken with a realtor, gotten pre qualified for a mortgage and have been looking at listings. I love looking at houses!

I am also selling all my furniture in my current home for 2 reasons; Its expensive to move and it just holds too many memories, just like the house. I want to start fresh in my new place as much as possible. And what I make from selling will pay for the what I need when I get to my new destination.

The people who made the first offer want to close by 12/23, which would be great! I really wanted to move before the new year. My job gets so busy at the start of the year so I really need to be set up and ready to work. Depending on the closing of my new home, I may have to stay with family but that shouldn’t be for long at all, maybe a month or so.

An update on my kitty. I have checked in with Charlotte, her new mommy, and it looks like Bebe is settling in nicely. I want to visit before I leave.

I am excited about embarking in a new adventure. A great way to start a new year as well.

Who else is doing something big right now?

8 thoughts on “Something big is about to happen

  1. WOW, that’s even more good news than the offer – you can buy your own place! That will be so much better for you and your relative – no having to adjust to different ideas, no risk to your relationship, and it will truly be your own space. I’m thrilled for you, and I really hope to follow your lead in the near future.

    And thank you for the update on Bebe. I’ve been wondering about her, but didn’t want to ask.

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    1. Aww, thank you. Yes the
      Bebe topic is a hard one to talk about. In this new scenario, I could have kept her but in the long run, the less animals, the better during the move and financially.


  2. Congrats. If it had been a race, you already beat me. I haven’t had any offers due to smell of cats. Working on it as I write this. Looking forward to hearing about your move.

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    1. I had two people make comments about my house one said smell of cat but I haven’t had a cat here in about a couple weeks now and one said smell of dogs I did my best to wash all the rugs in my house I just have throw rugs but in my master I have a 1Bob1 by 11 area rug and I could not watch that.


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