Happy July 4th?

No plans for this holiday weekend???….well join the club. It came up on me fast and I put a couple feelers out but no bites, everyone else is busy it seems. Oh well, I will make the best of it. I can get some stuff done around the house, relax, enjoy time with the dogs. We will see what happens.

On the legal front, still nothing!! It’s been 13 months since I filed.  He is still not moving forward and signing the agreement for some reason. So my lawyer is preparing for a master’s hearing.  I filled out my paperwork. Maybe this will push him to just sign everything, to avoid the hearing, and move on and let me move on. He was the one who wanted out, he was one who got engaged 1 month after he left me…why wont he just let me go??? Is he playing a game, dragging this out so I go broke on legal fees?? It make no sense, but then again, this whole thing makes no sense. My sister once said, you are trying to be rational with an irrational person. So frustrating!!

In the mean time, I am trying to hold it together emotionally and financially. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, just the wait is really taking its toll.


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