Doggy Guests 48, Remy and Rafi

I am going to miss these adorable boys!

It was Remy and Rafi’s first time at Lynne’s Doggy BnB. They were here for 8 days.

And let me also mention, that it is so great to have dogs here again. I lost most of my booked clients in 2020, due to the pandemic. But, even though we are still in the thick of it, 2021 has started out great, with 4 new clients!

Remy and Rafi settled in pretty quickly. Remy is 10 lbs. and Rafi is 5 lbs. I could scoop him up with 1 hand. They are Maltese mixes.

Remy was a little hesitant and went in the crate, which the door was propped open, on his own for a day or two. Then he got used to me and the 2 boys were all over me.

We got into a routine and they new when I put my shoes on or took my work headset off, that we were going outside. They got SO excited every time.

They loved laying on my lap, on top of the electric blanket, on my couch. They jockeyed for the best position on me.

For most of their stay, there was snow outside. That didn’t stop them, in fact, they loved to chase each other.

They loved to play fetch in the house. Remy is SO fast that poor Rafi never had a chance to retrieve the toy, but he still had fun anyway.

It was such a pleasure to watch these little sweethearts and I hope they come back some day.

In other news, I am moving along with my bathroom renovation. I have started to order everything and things are arriving slowly. Looks like everything will start in March. Of course I will have before and after shots for everyone to see. I love home improvements and this has given me something to look forward too.

On a sad note, I have lost 2 uncles, in the past month. One was in CA and the other was right here in RI.

I was on a zoom call, with the family and friends, to celebrate my uncle’s life, from CA. There was about 40 people on the call. My uncle, who was very smart, funny and a great musician, was so loved and will be greatly missed. Even though it was so sad, it was good to see so many people, that I haven’t seen in a very long time and reconnect. Goodbye dear Uncle Irwin.

For my uncle in RI, we were able to have a graveside service, with no more then 15 people. It was about 20 degrees out and with snow on the ground. We were all bundled up, head to toe. My uncle was a WWII veteran and passed at age 96. He had military honors, which was well deserved. Since I moved to RI, I have gotten a chance to get to know him better. My uncle was very smart, detail oriented, interesting and interested in so much. He loved photography and music, specifically jazz. He is now at peace and back with the love of his life of 60+ years. Goodbye dear uncle Norman.

To those of you, who have lost someone during this pandemic, I send you condolences. It is never easy to lose a loved one. but now, it’s especially difficult, since you have to morn practically alone. No hugs, no get togethers to reminisce about your lost loved one. These are terrible times, but I am grateful for each day.

On a creative note, I have been keeping busy with my painting and my new necklaces. If you are looking for some new art for your walls, a new necklace, or a gift, check out my Etsy page. I appreciate the support.

Stay safe and stay tuned, more stories are on their way.

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