2020, A Year in Review


Thank you again to everyone who has been reading for the last 6 years, or if you are new to my blog. I really appreciate your interest in my stories.

I think that we all can say that we look forward to this year being over.

I want to begin by saying that I hope that this finds my family and friends safe and healthy. I am so sorry for those who have fell ill and/or who have lost loved ones during this awful pandemic. Such a scary time in our lives.

I have continued to walk, all through out the year, with a neighbor, once or twice a week and with a meetup group also once or twice a week. I have walked around 350 miles this year.

Here’s a look back to this crazy year!


Happy New Year…

Doggy Guests-

Bentley was here 5 times

Roxy and Chloe were here for 5 days

Gus was here 1 time

Cody was here for 2 times for 2 days each

Mr Butters was here 6 days


Doggy guests

Bentley was here 5 times

Gus was here 2 times

Yaeger was here for 10 days


COVID19 is among us! The world shut down. Fortunately, I still have a job, but we all worked part time for a month. Collected partial unemployment, which really helped. I started getting my groceries delivered and hunkered down.

Doggy guests

Bentley was here 3 times

Lucy was here for 6 days


COVID spreading around the world. Scary times for sure. I only went out if I absolutely had to. We started working full time again, after the government grant to businesses. Tons of weddings postponed until next year.

The isolation and the news started to get to me and I wasn’t feeling like myself. I called my doctor, who gave me something to relax and I stopped watching the news 100%. This really helped.

Doggy guests

Bentley was here 4 times.


COVID still spreading, I still stayed home and have been shopping online for everything. Still not watching the news and also didn’t have any doggy guests, so I could take some time to myself.

Also, all of my doggy clients, who were booked for the rest of the year, cancelled, understandably, since travel has come to a screeching halt.


COVID still spreading. Still following protocol and not going anywhere unless I have to. Loving the grocery delivery service and might do this forever, lol.

Doggy guest

Bentley was here 4 times

Maggie, one of my regulars, who has been in FL for the past 8 months, is back in town and was here 3 times

Ripley was here 1 time…so far and …OMG! Ripley’s owners now have 2 doodles. The older one, I have watched since she was a pup as well. They got a new puppy and here he is.

Betty was here 1 time


COVID still angry, but I did get out here and there. Still being careful! I needed something to keep me busy during all of this, so I started paint pouring and am loving it! I have become addicated and cant stop painting. Check out my website at http://artbylynne.artfire.com

Doggie guests

Bentley was here 5 times

Maggie was here 2 times

Ryder and Ripley, the doodle due, were here twice

Sammi was here for 5 days

Kenzie was here for 4 days


COVID still rearing it’s ugly head. Summer in New England is not the same. At least we can still eat outdoors at restaurants. Painting continued to keep me busy.

One big thing that I was able to accomplish this month was to pay off all of extraneous debt, credit cards and personal loans. This was all 3 years in the making. I was very disciplined and kept chipping away at it all and now its gone!! I am so proud and excited. Now I can concentrate on my mortgage and savings.

Doggy guests

Bentley was here 4 times

Ryder and Ripley were here 1 time

Marley, another regular, who I haven’t seen in a while was here 1 time.

Maggie was here 1 time


COVID still on the rampage sadly.

I launched my painting website http://artbylynne.artfire.com

Doggy guests

Bentley was here 5 times

Ripley was here for 3 days

Maggie was here 1 time


COVID still reeking havoc all over the world.

A friend encouraged me to enter my photography into a local, juried art show, so I did….and I was accepted!!!! OMG, this was the first time I have ever entered anything, let alone been accepted. How exciting. I had to have the 36″x48″ photo professionally framed. I also made note cards with my photography to sell as well. I ended up selling some cards, but the big photo did not sell. That ok, since it now looks better in my home. I could always try and sell it again sometime. The show ran from 10/16-11/28. Here is the photo

I also now have my photography on a website https://photosbylynneellen.picfair.com and I also started a page(still working on it though) at https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-lynne-albright

I decided to have my own art show in my backyard. I sold my art, my cousin sold her jewelry and my friend sold her aromatherapy products. It was a good day and a learning experience. I would like to do it again next year for sure!

Doggy guests

Bentley was here 5 times

Maggie was here 1 time


COVID is worse and we will have a new president in Jan! Holidays are off the table this year, sadly.

I did do a safe and socially distanced craft show for 2 days. It was slow, understandably, but I did make enough to pay for my space. It was a good experience and I would like to try more in the future.

Doggy guests

Bentley was here 5 times

Ryder and Ripley were here for 2 days


COVID is absolutely horrific, so much loss. I am staying as safe as I can. Vaccines are on their way!

I am 55 this month! Wow, where did the time go? Not too much celebrating this year. Hopefully next year we can celebrate more!

Doggy guests

Bentley was here 5 times.

As this year comes to an end, I would like to say thank you again to my readers. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday. Sending you all air hugs and positive thoughts. Best wishes to you all, as we move into 2021 with cautious optimism and all get to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s to a better 2021!

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