2019, A Year in Review

It’s been 5 years since I started this blog. Wow, where did the time go?? Thank you to those who have been reading, I really appreciate you continuing to read and I hope that you have found my posts interesting.

Another year in the books. Lets look back…..


Met 1 new doggy client with 2 dogs and had 1 dog stay twice in January.

20190121_104721 Bentley


Met 3 new clients and had 3 doggy guests

20190209_191443 Maggie

 20190220_121748 Chloe and Roxy

 20190302_072747 Tobie and Callie


Met 3 new clients and had 3 doggy guests

20190307_082702 (2)  Ryder

20190209_193445 Maggie

20190408_112455 Marley


Met 1 new client and had 3 doggy guests

20190413_102615 Misty

20190307_085218 (2) Ryder

20190330_080925 Marley


Finally got my new shed, after moving here 2 years ago! I love it!


Had 3 doggy guests

20190401_203507  Marley

20190307_084040 (4) Ryder

20190507_075755 Spencer and Ellie

I started the doggy picture wall


Went to New Hampshire, for a long weekend, with my cousin, my first time in NH. It is so beautiful there!! I will definitely go back, there is so much to see there!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Found out that the company, that I have worked for 19 years, might be closing…THANK GOODNESS IT DIDN’T!! Thank you Greg, Hugh and Mike!!!!


Met with 1 new client and had 4 doggy guests

20190324_182925  Marley

20190307_084040 (4) Ryder

20190209_173532 Maggie   

20190630_081242 Roxy

I surprised my sister and showed up in PA for my sister’s house warming party. It was a success and she was surprised.


Met 2 new clients and had 5 doggy guests

20190209_172103 Maggie

20190712_181223 Tobie and Callie

20190719_085725 (2) Lacey

20191004_165955 Ryder

20190726_170353 Roxy and Chloe


A friend and I went to Canada to visit my sister, had such a great time!

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Met 1 new client and had 4 doggy guests

20190209_190630 Maggie

20190811_100806 Roxy and Chloe

20190821_112739 Misty

20191120_085530 Bentley


A friend and I went back to PA to participate in a 5k for Melanoma awareness. We joined my Sister’s team and it was a great experience. I am excited to report that my sister has completed her year of treatments and she is doing very well.


Met 1 new client and had 2 doggy guests

20190829_100513 Bentley

20190209_172103 Maggie


Met 1 new client and had 5 doggy guests

20190209_184710 (2) Maggie

20191121_162556 Ryder

20190829_100513 Bentley

20191123_113635 Zaida

20191021_160627 Diego


Met 1 new client and had 5 doggy guests

20191028_185837 Zaida

 20190327_114341 Marley

20191004_112609 Ryder

20191120_085530 Bentley

20191128_172023 Spencer and Ellie


I went home for work and to visit my family. It was a short but fun visit.

Had 3 doggy guests

20191016_094435 Bentley

20191214_200352 Elliott

20190408_112455 Marley

My doggy wall is filling up, still lots of room for more…

20191107_081821  20191107_081835


I was able to pay off 3 out of the 4 big bills, looming over my head, so I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Here’s to the next decade!! Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and safe New Year and stay tuned…



5 thoughts on “2019, A Year in Review

  1. Love reading your blogs, but love you more for the strong independent woman who has emerged!! Missed you yesterday, but too many miles!!! Happy New Year to you, honey.

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