Doggy Guest #34, Elliott’s 4th visit

Elliott is 15 years old now and still has pep in his step. He is such a sweet boy and still likes to snuggle. He is also very vocal, especially when he wants to go outside!  Elliott is a great guest and I look forward to seeing him again.

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I also went back to PA for 3 nights for work and to visit with the family. It was a short but fun visit. Every time I come home, the family goes out to dinner, which is always fun. 4 out of 5 of us sisters have winter birthdays, so we exchanged birthday gifts.  I have always loved December, because of Christmas, Hanukkah and my birthday! Thank you Mom, Joe, and all the sisters for all of your love.

It was great seeing everyone from work as well. I have worked from home for 10 years now, which I love!! Every year, the company has meetings to go over new things and regroup for the new year. Back in May, I posted an story about the company that have worked for 19 years,(Feb 2020 will be 20 years, WOW!!), entitled “Great News”. After 28 years, the current owners decided to sell the company. We all had no idea if we were going to have jobs of not. 3 current employees decided to buy the company and this was such a relief. I was SO grateful to still have a job!! The deal was done in June and we all were so happy and excited for the future of our company.

So 6 months later, the company has moved to a new and smaller office, the company’s website has been redesigned and the services have been re-merchandised. The other consultants and I are very excited to hit the ground running.

Here’s to 2020, may we all have success with what ever we do!!


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