Great News!!

For those of you who read my last blog about the uncertainty of the company that I have worked or the last 19 years………..

I STILL HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year, my company laid off about 12 people, so we knew something wasn’t good.

This year, they just laid off 5 more.

The owners of the company, (father and 2 sons), told those of us, who were still left, that they had to make some big changes and weren’t sure what they were going to do. This company has been around for 40 years.

2 executives, who are currently still with the company and 1, who left last year, offered to buy the company from the father and 2 sons. We were all told about this option 2 weeks ago. If this deal doesn’t work, the company would be sold to an outside buyer and we might not have jobs.

So we waited to hear if the offer was accepted between to the 2 parties….

This morning, at 8am, I got a message from one of the executives, that the family accepted the 3 guy’s offer!!!!

So now the deal goes to the lawyers to iron out the details.


I started crying immediately and couldn’t stop!! It’s such a relief!! I could not wrap my head around having to find another job. I cant survive on the doggy business full time yet.  Plus, starting over, after 19 years. I know other people have done it but I like my job and it has been so convenient working from home.  I was still able to move out of state and keep the job.

The 3 guys have lots of great new ideas, which we are all very excited about.  I cant wait to go back to PA and hug the people, that I have worked with all these years, and celebrate this new chapter.

I  other news…..I also got my long awaited shed, 2 months early….YAY, more storage!!!




10 thoughts on “Great News!!

  1. Congratulations Lynne! What a huge relief. I know you would’ve rocked the job search because you rock everything, but this is much better. Woohoo!!

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  2. Omg Lynne what a relief!! I’m so happy for you!! Perhaps this is your year! ❤️ I love your shed, and now you have your little front room free!

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