My interview on the Women in the Middle Podcast

My sister Suzy is a life coach and she has been very helpful to me though out my life but especially during the last couple of years.

Suzy coaches women in the middle,  she works with amazing midlife working women, who are watching their own life pass them by as they go through the motions of life and they just can’t take it anymore.

As most of you know, I went through a pretty big life changing event and my story fits right into my sister’s coaching specialty.

Suzy wanted me to tell my story so here is my interview, enjoy…. 

In other news…

I recently went to Tillinghast Pond in West Greenwich RI, which was so beautiful!

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I also braved the cold(about 40 degrees that night) and went to the last Waterfire of the season, which was a tribute to the military. This is a must see if you visit Rhode Island in the summer and fall!

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I am excited for the holidays. I have a couple repeat doggies coming to stay before the end of the year. The tree limbs are being cut down at the end of the Nov. That will make a huge difference in my back yard. Then I can finally get my shed! Not exciting to most people, but to me, its a big deal! 

Thank you for listening and reading and stay tuned for more of my adventures.

6 thoughts on “My interview on the Women in the Middle Podcast

  1. I really enjoyed your podcast. I couldn’t imagine my sister as my Lifecoach, though. And you two do sound totally alike.
    It’s funny because you and I are only a year apart and our divorces were very close to the same. I, also moved out of state and bought a house… Then, the similarities end. Marriage, Annulment, Moving (to many times)..back to being poor.

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    1. Thanks for listening. our Lives can go in so many different directions. I’m just fortunate my sister gives me all of that advice for free, LOL. No matter which direction our lives do go, each day makes us stronger than the last.


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