Letting go is easy and hard

I had my moving sale this weekend. I am so tired and sore all over, head to toe. Saturday was better then Sunday. And thank god 2 of my sisters came to help me. They brought some things to sell as well. The weather was perfect too.

One big thing happened on Sat. Let me explain…

As some of you know, I have an 11 year old dog, a 7 year old dog, and an 11 year old cat. I love my pets.my ex wanted a 2nd dog. And here I am with all of them by myself, not something I would have done as a single person. But, I must say, they all gave me love after he left me. But they also are costing me a lot of money every month.

I am moving out of state and am going to live with one of my cousins, who doesn’t want all the animals to live in her house.

As difficult as it will be, I have to make some big sacrifices in order to make this move. I need to find a loving home for my 7 year old dog and my 11 year old.

I reached out to family and friends in hopes that someone I know could take my cat. Unfortunately no one I know can take her.

I hung signs at my yard sale about my cat. A very sweet, elderly couple came to my yard and they saw the sign and we starting talking. They asked to see my cat. I brought them into my house and to my bedroom, where my cat can be found 90% of the time. Of course they loved her right away. They wanted to come back later that day to pick her up. All the sudden, this got real! I am giving away my cat.

I told them that I needed a little more time to get organized and that I would bring my cat to them very soon. I am going get everything for them, a new litter box, food and water bowl and a new carrier. The one I have is big and cumbersome. I know this wont be easy, but it needs to be done in order for me  to make this move. A move, I desperately need to make.

I am also currently working with a rescue to find a loving home for one of my dogs. This will be more difficult then.placing my cat.

Sometimes you have to do difficult things in life. I know I can do this but it will be sad for sure. As long as they go yo good and loving homes, I will happy and so will the dog and the cat.

The central air system is being installed this Wed. So things are moving along. Now I need to really keep up the momentum with packing up and staging my house. I must say that purging all my “stuff” feels liberating.

More to come so stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Letting go is easy and hard

  1. I hope your yard sale went better then mine. So happy you found your cat a home so quickly. Good luck on your house sale. Let’s see who sells first. Lol

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