Project Move Commences.

I think that everyone agrees that moving sucks! I am not a fan of the action of moving but I am excited to get to the new place and start fresh there.

So much to do!

I have been going through every room and dividing my stuff into and keep, sell and toss piles. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years! Things are not important, life is!

Luckily my house has been renovated fairly recently, so I just need to have some little things fixed and/or replaced around the house like light fixtures, etc. There is just 1 big thing I need to have done. I am having central air installed since that’s what buyers want. I have lived here since ’91 and used window air conditioners, ceiling fans and portable fans. But after this really hot summer, its time to get the central air. It’s not cheap but it will pay for its self when the house sells.  I also have a little curb appeal to work on.

I need to have a yard sale, which is a lot of work and so much fun…said no one. I have been trying to sell somethings online too.

After the yard sale, I need to stage the house and put it on the market. I live in a nice neighborhood and in a great school district so once priced right, my house should sell quickly.

I am really looking forward to my new life!

My goal to list my house is 11/1. I like goals, they make me work harder.



3 thoughts on “Project Move Commences.

  1. You are mistaken. I actually enjoy packing and yard sales. I enjoy the moving process and getting ready for another chapter. My house should go on the market within the month.


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