Mine, ALL Mine!

My house is officially MY house! I closed on my loan today. It is dispersed next Monday!!! I am so excited!! I can pay off all my debt, except for my house, and start saving some money.

I cant believe that it’s been 20 months since my life changed FOREVER. So much has taken place;

The divorced dragged on for 19 months and I learned how the legal process works. Such fun…said no one getting a divorce.

I spent a lot of money on legal fees, went through a lot of my savings and weekly pay. It’s been really tight financially. This loan will alleviate some of that stress.

I braved the dating world, met some interesting people and found someone who I am getting to know and enjoying spending time with.

I made some changes around the house, but I need to make more!

I have gone out with lots of friends to stay busy and surrounded by positivity.

I went on a couple short trips and acquired new pet sitters. I am so grateful for this. If you are a animal lover with pets, being able to keep your pets at home when you go away is the best for the pets, at least in my opinion.

I have been cooking for myself, which I never cooked before, so this is a huge accomplishment for me. I get a lot of recipes from Pinterest. And the crockpot is my friend.

So it’s been a long and crazy 20 months but I made it through.  My mantra still stands;

“Good things will happen!”

What’s your mantra?








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