Another New Hampshire Getaway

Some friends of mine invited me to join them, for the weekend, at their house in New Hampshire this past weekend. We had a great time!

Their place was on Christmas Mountain, in Intervale NH and the weather was beautiful!

We got there mid day on Friday and relaxed at the house.

Saturday, we went to Jackson Falls and Cathedral Ledge. We also did a little shopping in North Conway.

This is Jackson Falls, so beautiful!!

This is at the top of Cathedral Ledge

Riding the Gondola at the top of Bretton Woods, my first time on a gondola, since I don’t ski.

The view of the Omni White Mountain Hotel from the top of Bretton Woods

Sunday, we walked across a trestle bridge, which I was nervous to do, but I did it…with someone holding my hand all the way across, LOL. We also went to Glen Ellis Falls, which was awesome!

The scary trestle bridge. I was too nervous to take pics while I was walking across it.

Glen Ellis Falls

And the last thing we will did was stop at the Bartlett covered bridge on the way home. The only covered bridge in the world with a store on it.

I would definitely recommend that you put New Hampshire on your “places to visit” list. There is so much to see and do in this area and I look forward to going back again some day!

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