Doggy Guest #54, Lulu

I have now been watching dogs for almost 4 years, and this was my first Bulldog.

Meet Lulu, the 11 year old bulldog, who was here for 6 nights.

Lulu was a great guest and is such a sweet dog. She was a very easy to dog to watch. She barely made a sound, the whole time she here, except when she would whine, just a little but, when she wanted something. It was my job to figure out what she wanted, food, water, or to go out.

I also slept on the couch, with her, every night. I tried to sleep in my bed, but she was too heavy to lift into my high bed. There was a dog bed, on the floor, next to my bed, but that wasn’t good enough for her. One cry and I knew it, we were couch bound. I was very happy to sleep in my bed, when she left.

I hope Lulu comes back to Lynne’s Doggy BnB.

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