Bathroom Renovation, 2021

Since we couldn’t travel much, and were stuck in our homes, due to the pandemic, I decided to do some home improvements.

My only bathroom really needed a new life. I have now been in this house for 4 years, and it was time for a change.

My project started by calling kitchen and bath companies to get quotes. You might be surprised, but I only called 2 companies.

My bathroom is small, only 6’x8′, and that includes the shower. I had a tub/shower combo and I wanted a walk-in shower. I also wanted everything new, a total gut needed to be done, but I went with the same footprint, so no plumbing had to be moved…or so It.

So in January, 2021, I called the first company, Rhode Island Kitchen and Bath, which was a virtual appointment, due to Covid. We went over everything and they gave me a quote of……are you ready…….$35,000-45,000, for my little bathroom!!!!

Needless to say, that wasn’t going to happen.

My second call was to a smaller, family owned company Fallon Home Improvement. I made an appointment for them to come out and give me a quote. This went a lot better. The cost will just be a little more than half of the other companies starting price. Much better for my wallet.

After some time to think, In Jan, I called the second company back and we set up a time to meet again to set things in motion. We agreed to start the job in March, which would give me time to purchase everything I needed for my new bathroom, and have it all here by March.

The contractor gave me a list of places to go for everything I needed. The first big thing to take care of was the vanity. He suggested that I go to Lowes, so off I went. Since I live close to water, I needed a vanity that was made for the salt air. It would be custom and would take 2 months to come in. Perfect, It would be in mid March.

Then I started researching everything else; shower pan, shower doors, shower fixture, shower tile, floor tile, shiplap for 1 feature wall, toilet, mirror/medicine cabinet, light fixture, exhaust fan, barn door/hardware, countertop/sink, and sink faucet. Quite a list!

So I started ordering everything and it all came in pretty quickly. My little house was filling up. Boxes were everywhere. The vanity, barn door, and glass shower doors were in my living room, mirror/medicine cabinet, lighting fixture and other small items were in my spare bedroom. The toilet and shower pan were in my shed. It was time to call the contractor, I was ready for them to start the job.

Everything officially started on 3/15. Remember, this is my only bathroom. A porto potty was delivered. Luckily, they were able to put in my back yard, so my neighbors didn’t know when I was going to the bathroom.

my temporary bathroom

Before I show you the demo, here is what the bathroom looked like before;

Let the demo begin!!!

Day 1, 3/15

They started by opening up the walls. We had no idea what we would find.

Day 2, 3/16

They broke up and took out the cast iron tub

Surprise #1, the pipes needed to be moved to accommodate the new shower floor pan

Day 3, 3/17

The electrician came and did his thing.

No wonder why the bathroom was so cold, there was no insulation in the ceiling. New light above the shower
New vent, which I didn’t have before.
New outlet at the sink
New light switches, finally in the right place, in the bathroom, instead of 1 above the sink an 1 OUTSIDE the bathroom.

Day 4, 3/18

More demo, ceiling insulation, and the start of the sub floor

New insulation in the ceiling
2nd surprise was the sill plate and one joist was rotted and had to be replaced.
Since I live 2 blocks from the beach, this old house(1915) was definitely affected by 2 hurricanes, so there is sand under my bathroom

Day 5, 3/23

Dan, the plumber came and did his thing

New pipes to the sink
New pipe to the toilet
All new pipes under the shower

Day 6, 3/24

The subfloor went down

Day 7, 3/25

Frame shower walls, shower pan down, shower plumbing done, niche wall built

Shower wall rebuilt to code
New shower pan!!!!

Day 10, 3/30

Wet board up on Walls and ceiling

Day 11, 3/31

Tape and mud walls and ceiling and finish shower niche wall

Day 12, 4/1

Shiplap went up on the sink wall

Day 13, 4/5

Floor tile

Day 14, 4/6

Shower tile starts

Day 15, 4/7

Shower tile continues

Day 16, 4/8

Shower tile continues

Surprise #3, 2/3rds of the way of tiling the shower, the remaining tiles were all defective. Had to wait a week for new tiles.

Day 17, 4/9

Vanity finally put in! Walls primed.

Day 18, 4/12

Toilet finally put in, YAY!!!! Window casing and trim put up

Day 21, 4/15, (4 week mark)

Barn door hung and cabinet hung over the toilet(the only thing from the old bathroom that came back into the new bathroom)

Day 23, 4/19

After 1 week waiting for new tile, Tile in shower continued again

Day 24, 4/20

Shower door frame installed and tile grout started

Day 25, 4/21

More grouting and shower doors hung, shower fixtures installed

Day 27, 4/23 I was able to take a shower!!!!!

Day 28, 5/5

New window installed

Day 29, 5/7

The Countertop and sink finally arrived!!

Day 30, 5/10

The plumber hooked up the faucet and finished the heater cover.

The Mirror/medicine cabinet, and light fixture were hung!

Wow, what a project! There were a couple of hiccups along the way, but it was all worth it. I got everything that I wanted. I went over my budget a little, but after this last crazy year, I deserve it!!!

Now, I just need to decorate and get a barn door handle.

I want to thank Fallon Home Improvement of Warwick Rhode Island. Mike Fallon, Gavin Fallon, Jennifer Fallon, Josh Fallon, the plumber Dan and the electricians, who all did such a fantastic job. From start to finish, they all were very professional. Thank you Mike for listening to my wishes and ideas and following through with them all perfectly. Thank you Gavin and Jen for the beautiful tile work and my shiplap wall. Thank you Dan for your expert plumbing craftsmanship. I love my new bathroom and I would highly recommend, this family owned and operated company, to anyone interested in having work done to their home.

I definitely plan on hiring them for some future projects.

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