Doggy Guests #36 Gus and #37 Cody

I watched 2 new doggys this week.

This is Gus, a 7 year old Terrier and what a sweetheart.  He was just here for the day but he will definitely be returning.  He settled in just fine and was a good snuggler. I look forward to seeing him again.

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This is Cody, a 4 month old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Cody stayed over for 1 night so far but is already on the calendar for more visits in the future. Like any puppy, he has tons of energy and was getting into everything. Most of my guests are older and calmer so I had to switch gears for Cody. I made sure I played with him a lot so he would take long naps. He also slept through the night, in his crate, which was so great! He will definitely keep me on my toes.

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It’s been fun getting to know all of these new breeds.


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