Doggy Guest #32, Zaida returns

Zaida came back for a couple of nights and she was the perfect guest, for the second time.

Zaida is so sweet, so lovey, so cuddly. She had to be near me at all times, which I didn’t mind at all. She is also so well trained and follows all of her commands. Zaida is a complete pleasure to watch and I look forward to her return again some day.


And I cant forget about my regular daycare doggys, who keep me company, during the week as well…

And some good news on my looming debt…I am now down from 4 bills to just 2 bills!!! And I should be down to just 1 in 4 months, at the most!! I really wanted to start 2020 with no debt but it’s ok. I am proud of myself. I am very determined and I know that this will be over very soon, and then I can move onto my next goal, some home improvements!!

Stay tuned…


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