Doggy Guest #23, Roxy

When one door closes, another one opens.

Shortly after I called Rover about the last dog(previous blog, Doggy guest #22), I got a new request for a dog to stay last night. I usually always do a meet and greet, before any stay, but this was a last minute request. The woman has 2 other people that usually watch her dog, but they fell through, so she found me.

So since we could not do a meet and greet in person, we spoke over the phone, and she assured me that her dog was very well behaved and sweet. That was definitely the case with Roxy!!

She arrived 2 hours later and what a cutie. Roxy is a Beagle/Pug/Rottweiler mix.

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We had a great time and hopefully she will come back to Lynn’e Doggy BnB again.

Cant wait for my next guest to arrive!

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