Doggy Guest #3, Asia

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This is Asia, a 2 year old American Bulldog/Pittbull mix.

Asia stayed at my Doggy B&B for 2 nights.

I have had no experience with this breed until now. I had no idea what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised.

Asia was so sweet and loving. She loved to snuggle on the couch.

For just being here for a short time, Asia learned pretty quickly where her food and water was, where the door was to go outside and she even used the doggy door once or twice.

And boy-oh-boy did she make the most snorting noises I have ever heard come from a dog. Especially when she discovered a new toy in the room. It sounded like a mixture of a tiger purr and a growl.

She really wanted to play with Casey but she doesn’t play anymore. I had to really keep an eye on Asia, when she was feeling the playful urge, so I could redirect her attention.

So another successful canine visitor to add to the list. It is fun meeting people and their dogs and spending time with them.  And it gives the doggy mommies and daddies peace of mind knowing that their baby is good hands while they get away.

My next guest is checking in on the 27th for 6 days, cant wait! Stay tuned for another installment of Lynne’s Doggy B&B.





6 thoughts on “Doggy Guest #3, Asia

  1. What a neat thing that has happened to you. Isn’t it amazing how wonderful things are when you just step outside your comfort zone? I think the second half of your life is going to be more fun than the first half

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    1. My very first prerequisite in accepting a dog as they must be good with other dogs. I also only take one dog at a time since I have my own. I also meet the owner and the dog at my house before they hire me to make sure everybody gets along.


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