Life can really throw us some curve balls. We are all given challenges in life and it’s how we choose to deal with them that allows us to get through each day.

A week ago, a very dear friend of mine was in a motor cycle accident and fortunately lived. His passenger tragically passed away from the accident.  I have known my friend and his family for 40 years. As my friend is being literally put back together by the surgeons, his family gives us all updates daily.  I pray for my friend and his family for he has such a long road of healing ahead and his family will need to be by his side the whole way. As his friend, I hope that I can help in some way as well.

One of my sister’s, who lost her 20 year old son, back in April, in a tragic car accident, is still going through the healing process. We all are healing but it’s 100 times worse for her. I cant even imagine the pain she is in, especially since I do not have children myself. We all still rally around her with support.

The families across this country who have lost loved ones in the senseless mass shootings. The suffering and pain they are all enduring. The strength they will need to get through their days ahead.

The extreme struggles of the refugees all over the world and their plight for a better life. Most of us on this planet will never be able to comprehend what they are going through.

When I think about my pending divorce, and what I personally have gone through, in the past 15 months, it is minuscule and does not come close to comparing to any of these stories I have mentioned. It is the curve ball I was thrown just the same. I am grateful for everything that I have. And my family and friends were there for me when I needed it.

Speaking of the divorce, 2 weeks ago, the final papers were sent to the soon-to-be ex and I await signatures.

Here’s hoping that when you are thrown a curve ball, you have the strength and the support to catch it, throw is back the  put down the glove for as long as you can.

Life is short, live it!!

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