Celebrating divorce with some bling!

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have now been divorced for 1 year.

Boy did that year go fast!

I was just talking with my sister about this milestone. The light bulb went on and she and I came up with an interesting idea.

We are both affiliated with the company Youngevity  and we both love one of their jewelry brands Mialisia.

Mialisia offer tons of beautiful jewelry including customizable lockets.

Now that I have gotten past the sadness, hurt and anger, of my divorce, my creative juices started to flow and this prompted me to create a precise way to call out your EX partner and celebrate that you are rid of their sorry ass.

Here’s 2 ideas I came up with so far; “Bye Pig” in a Round locket


And “Bye Pig” is the diamond locket


There’s all sorts of chains, lockets and charms to choose from so your options are endless.

Also, a lot of the chains and lockets come in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

These are great for yourself or as gifts.

Play with the locket builder at http://tinyurl.com/divorcelockets

Check out the whole line of beautiful Mialisia Jewelry at http://lynneslocketsandmore.mialisia.com/en/shop/114/new-arrivals

Close the book on your past and Celebrate your new life with a vengeance!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating divorce with some bling!

  1. One of these Origami Owl necklaces was the last “guilt” Loser gave me before he told me about the WTC. He had gotten every conceivable charm that reminded him of me, including a disc that said “true.” I didn’t understand that one. I sent it back to him and he sent it back to me.
    It worked out in the end, though. My son stole it and traded it for a few drinks.

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