Color by Amber… and some other happenings..



Are you looking for incredibly cool jewelry  that makes you excited on every level! I have found it! It’s called Color by Amber. It’s fashion with a conscious!

This jewelry is ECO Jewelry. It’s handcrafted from 40% recycled eco-resin. It’s made in the USA in a ZERO landfill facility. AND the beautiful textiles and recycled bits INSIDE the jewelry comes from women artisans around the world through a series of initiatives that focus on sustaining a better life and overall future for these women. SO EXCITING!

Can’t wait to tell you more about Color by Amber and how you can help and do good by looking and feeling good!

I am now hosting a pop up Facebook party so check it out. You can friend me to attend. I am “Lynne Ellen” on facebook

Other happenings…

It’s been a year since I met the man that I am seeing. We have had some ups and downs but we are working through them. At our age, we both realize that no one is perfect and that communication is key! We are really enjoying each others company and having fun! It’s a learning process and they say that is takes around 2 years to really know someone. Not sure I agree with that since, after 25 years, I obviously didn’t  know my ex like I thought I did.

Mini vacation…

A sister and I went to Canada recently to visit another sister who lives there.  We were there for 5 days and had a great time. We visited a place called Scarborough Bluffs.




That’s about it for now…until next time!

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