When will it end??

I just don’t understand…it’s been 15 months since I filed for divorce. I have paid $5200 to my lawyer so far, with another $1300 in bills to pay and more on its way. Luckily, my lawyer takes payments because I do not have this kind of $.

Things have been moving so slowly due to HIM! There has been some action, then nothing, then some movement, then nothing. We have pretty much agreed on almost everything. We are so close. HE is just being so ridiculous about some minor things that I refuse to bend on at this point. I have been incredibly fair and reasonable up until now according to my lawyer.  We even gave HIM a deadline or we will file to go to a master. I don’t think that HE wants to come to PA from FL for just this. I was hoping that this would put a fire under HIS ass to just sign the agreement and the deed, but so far it has not. So we are going to proceed to the master’s hearing. That apparently takes months to get a date.

HE is already engaged to her! That took place a month after he left me. He is the one who wanted out, why wont he LET ME GO???!!!

One stupid thing he has asked for repeatedly, and I have refused repeatedly, is he wants me to ship him some boxes of his stuff. I am not lifting a finger and spending a dime to do that. He is lucky that I don’t take out to the curb on trash day!

I am also going to have to stay in this house, at least for longer then I thought. I cant afford to move as soon as I thought. Money is really tight now. I have to find a way to make more money. I hate that I have to be surrounded in all the memories here. Maybe I can change things up here to make it seem different. I know that it would be a band aid but I have to try.

I just want to move on with my life. He got to move on with his!

2 thoughts on “When will it end??

  1. I relate so much to your frustration. It’s hard when you feel so limited, so stuck because of the money and the unfairness of the whole thing just compounds it. I remember being so angry that he went off to play with new friends and I was the one left to clean up his messes. How about if his belongings just happened to be drug through a fire ant pile before boxing?:)

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