I went to psychic yesterday. Only my second time I have done this in my life. It was very interesting.

She claims that my divorce will be over in late Summer/Sept.  I was hoping for sooner so we will see what happens.

I will not get married again but I will have a companion who will be a widower, non smoker and 4 years older then me. I will meet him through work, not sure when.

I will move, later in life, to a warmer climate.  I already knew that but I want to do it sooner then later for sure.

It will be very interesting to see if anything comes true. I recorded the whole reading so I can look back and see if anything was accurate. Only time will tell.








One thought on “Predictions

  1. Sometimes the predictions come true for me, other times I feel as though they ever happen. Many things in the energy fields are symbolic too which give another spin to readings. My advice is to be aware and true to who you are while being mindful and kind to the earth and others.


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